AndiAndi Williamson

  • Marshall University Alumni
  • Pitcher for the USSSA Pride


ficoRachele Fico

  • Louisiana State University Alumni
  • Pitching Coach at the University of Georgia
  • Pitcher for the Akron Racers


sarah-williamsSarah Phillips

  • North Georgia College Alumni
  • Pitching Coach at North Georgia College


shipmanMadison Shipman

  • University of Tennessee Volunteer Assistant Coach
  • Shortstop for USSSA Pride


montalvoKelly Montalvo

  • The University of Alabama¬†Alumni
  • Third baseman for the Akron Racers


smithAnnie Smith

  • Georgia Southern University Head Coach


schlopyTaylor Schlopy

  • University of Georgia Alumni
  • Outfielder for the Akron Racers


baldwinTony Baldwin

  • University of Georgia Assistant Coach


williamsAmanda Williams

  • Kennesaw State Assistant Coach
  • Marshall University Alumni


savannahSavannah Webster

  • Francis Marion Assistant Coach
  • Marshall University Alumni


RIETKOVICHKatie Reitkovich

  • Ole Miss Volunteer Assistant Coach
  • University of Georgia Alumni
  • Reinhardt Alumni


allardEmily Allard

  • Northwestern University Alumni
  • Outfielder for the Chicago Bandits